Are you paying for management but feel as if you are doing most of the work?
I have served as a Board member for over eight years. It was common for us to obtain our own bids, handle owner complaints and deal with compliance issues. We were fortunate to find and hire SWFL CAM Services. They handle the day to day management functions for us. They helped give me my life back and made it a pleasure to serve on the Board!
Thank You SWFL CAM Services,
Mary Ann Conlin

Do you have an effective compliance process to help maintain the peace in the community?
It was difficult to maintain a compliance committee for our community. Who wants to be labeled as the person who turns in their neighbors! SWFL CAM Services took over this responsibility for our neighborhood. They perform frequent inspections and work with our owners to correct violations. It’s very rare that we resort to fining an owner.
Thank you SWFL CAM Services for taking on a difficult task and turning it into a positive outcome for our community!
Mary Huisman

Is your management company responsive to your members?
I have served on the Board of Directors for Several Communities. The most common complaint we receive from the members is “The management company never returns my call!”. I have personally worked with SWFL CAM Services since 2011. A live person answers the phone when you call. Their staff is professional and courteous. If they don’t have an immediate answer, they always call back. I have always appreciated their responsiveness to our owners. It sure makes a Directors job easier!
Keith Tobeck

Are you getting good prices and quality work from your contractors?
Our condominiums were built in 1982 and have been long overdue for restoration. This was a large project encompassing almost 30 buildings. SWFL CAM Services was instrumental in helping us put together a plan for funding the project and walking us through a competitive bidding process. Thanks to their efforts every owner in the community will enjoy a newly restored property!
LaVada Williamson

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