Core Services

SWFL CAM Services is a company dedicated to the delivery of professional association management services. This is our only business!

The following provides an overview of our core services. These services are customized to meet the specific needs of your community: (select one to learn more)


Annual Budget Preparation – We work in conjunction with the Board to prepare a proposed budget for each ensuing year basing such budget on prior expenditures, anticipated changes to the coming year’s operating expenses and required contributions to your reserves.

Maintenance Fees Payment – We collect all maintenance fees as prescribed by the Association’s governing documents. Owners have the option to send payments to our office, to the association’s lock box, automatic debit from their bank account or even online credit card payments.

Delinquent Accounts Collections – We work in conjunction with the Board to develop and execute a collection process to meet the specific requirements of the Association. The collection process includes frequent monitoring of Accounts Receivables, sending delinquent notice(s) to Owners, referral of delinquent accounts to legal counsel and reporting to the Board of Directors.

Invoice Approval and Accounts Payable – We work with the Board to develop and execute an invoice approval and check writing process that will adhere to the association’s purchasing policies and provide the proper checks and balances for the disbursement of funds.

Financial Reporting – We furnish each Director with a monthly Compiled financial statement prepared on an accrual basis. Our statements include a Balance Sheet, Income/Expense Report, Activity Report, Cash Disbursement Report, Checkbook Report, Bank Reconciliation Summary and Bank Statements. Our financial statements are well organized and easy to read.


Property Inspections – Our CAM’s perform regular inspections of the Community property and submit recommendations to the Association’s BOD’s concerning deferred or routine maintenance.

Capital Expense and Deferred Maintenance Projects – We assist the Board with long term planning and strategies for funding the replacement or repair of its long-term assets. We assist the Board in the development of specifications, competitive bid process, contractor selection and oversight of the work through completion.

Contracted Services – We obtain bids for contracted services required for the day to day operation of the association, assist in the review of proposals and contractor selection, supervise delivery of services and assist in obtaining appropriate service reports from the contractors.

Routine Maintenance – We work with hundreds of local contractors to ensure we have the right person for each job. We have a dedicated maintenance coordinator to manage your day to day service requests. Service requests are authorized and assigned to contractors according to your specific requirements. Work orders and recorded and tracked through completion in our work order system.


Compliance Process – We work with the Board of Directors to develop and execute a process to enforce your rules and regulations without being heavy handed. The process may include property inspections either by SWFL CAM Services or a compliance committee. We create and send the appropriate letters, work with the owners to correct the violations and provides oversight of your committees.

Lease and Purchase Applications – We work with the Board of Directors to develop and execute a Lease/Purchase approval process in accordance with your governing documents. The approval process includes the development of a lease/purchase application packet, background checks on prospective residents and delivery of certificates of approval.

Modification to Units/Lots – We work with the Board of Directors to develop and execute an approval process for modifications in accordance with your governing documents. Our service includes the development of a Modification Request Form, screening requests to make sure they contain all the appropriate information and documents and communicating the decision of the Board/ARB/ARC to the owners.


Meetings – Your CAM will attend your Board of Directors and Membership Meetings. In most cases the CAM will document the minutes of the meetings. We ensure that all proper notices are sent and posted on the community property. We also assist the Board in preparation of the meeting agenda, board packet and bids.

Records – Our per door price includes the storage of the association’s official records as required by Florida Statutes.

Insurance Renewal – We work with leading insurance agents in the area and ensure that you carry the appropriate polices as required by your governing documents. We track the renewal dates on your behalf and ensure that all policies are renewed in a timely fashion.

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