About Us

SWFL CAM SERVICE is a locally owned and operated company servicing Lee County.

Management Philosophy

We attract and retain customers because we execute on the items that are most important to our Board Members and the communities that they represent.

Our Role

We understand that you are a volunteer who took on a demanding position because you are concerned about the well being of your community. We support you by taking over the day to day operations that you want to delegate to us. We will equip you with the knowledge that you need to make the best decisions for your community. In short, we give you back your time and help you become a more effective representative for your community.

Customized Services

Every community and Board faces its own unique set of needs and challenges. We will customize the way we work to match your operational procedures and processes. Each engagement with a new customer begins with our “On Boarding” process in which we Assess, Develop and Implement Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) that are specific to your community.

Responsive to Owners

Our staff takes pride in being customer service oriented. We make it a priority to respond to all of your owner’s inquiries in a timely and professional manner.

Invest in Technology

We continually research and invest in “Best in Industry” technology to ensure that we can provide the highest level of services to our clients.

Fair Price for Professional Services

We deliver our services for a fixed per door fee with No Backdoor Charges. The only administrative expense to your community will be re-reimbursement for postage. There are no other extra fees for set up, phones, envelopes, copies, faxes, extra meetings, storage etc.

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